There are over 7200 known species of fungi and mold is considered one of the sub-groups. Fungi are probably the largest bio-mass while an underground fungus is the largest single organism on earth. Mold is an asexually reproducing fungi that unfortunately thrives in the temperatures and conditions within our homes. Since the 1970’s our homes have been constructed much tighter. Thus, we have less of an exchange of outside (healthier) air. This, combined with spending 70-90% of our lives indoors, mass agriculture, etc. has lead to a significant rise in mold related health issues.

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Moisture is the Problem and Mold is the Symptom! Keep in mind that above 50% relative humidity is ideal for mold growth. Cooking, dishwashing, dryers, washers, and showers add moisture to your environment and should be properly vented outside. Mold cannot exist without a source of moisture and cellulose or soil to feed upon.

Mold classifications are allergenic, pathogenic and toxigenic. Some toxigenic (mycotoxins) molds are potent carcinogens that have caused cancers and a myriad of other serious health conditions. Unfortunately, no regulations or standards exist today and may be a long way off. Remediation procedures should be recommended by an Industrial Hygienist and health concerns should be discussed with your doctor. David Polo of Polo & Associates Home Inspections is mold certified for all testing procedures.

Mold Growth Indoors
Mold Growth on Wall
Can grow at temps as low as
-70ºC and over 50ºC

Most thrive at 18-32ºC 


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